Medical providers encourage you to do the following…

  • Take it easy…
  • Sleep when the baby sleeps…
  • Lower your expectations…

But at East Coast Baby Co. we say…

  • Take it however YOU want it!
  • Sleep often and let your body recover!
  • Multiply your expectations!
We say these things with confidence | Postpartum & Infant Care Support | East Coast Baby Co.

We say these things with confidence

We say these things with confidence because that is what your postpartum experience will involve when you hire us! When you engage the supportive services of a Postpartum & Infant Care Doula from East Coast Baby Co. you are hiring a postpartum and newborn baby expert who will become an extension of your…




At East Coast Baby Co.

We understand all of the nuances that surround this delicate and vulnerable time in a growing family’s life.

Your doula will explore all postpartum recovery and newborn care options with you. She will discuss early parenting philosophies and feeding choices with you. She will minimize your self-doubt, and maximize your self-care! But it won’t stop there! Our clients can expect support in the following areas:

  • We recognize the realities associated with postpartum recovery from vaginal and surgical birth
  • We have studied and trained to provide comfort and care for babies and their parents
  • Feeding humans is part of our expertise. Breast, bottle or a combination of both, we’ve got you covered!
  • We are experts at maximizing sleep
  • We are awesome sibling care providers
  • We handle day-to-day light housekeeping tasks
  • We meal prep and make easy to grab snacks
  • We meet needs!
  • We are trained to recognize the early signs of postpartum mood disorders